Cajun Tours & Cruises, Inc. – Houma, Louisiana

Cajun Tours & Cruises, Inc. – Houma, Louisiana

When you visit Louisiana you probably think that there should be a tour showing you some of the wildlife of the area but don’t know where to go to find it.  The Cajun Tours & Cruises, Inc can offer you the experience you are looking for.  They offer swamp boat tours on private property to view alligators and other wildlife. The experienced guides will give visitors a private land tour to visit local Cajuns living in bayou communities. Enjoy viewing blue crabs shedding their shells, meet an alligator hunter, shrimper, oyster fisherman and get on a shrimp boat to see how the boat operates.

Visitors will visit shrimp factory and learn how it operates. The tour is a living history tour into the bayou communities where visitors view lifestyles of local people. They also offer Cajun Music and Cajun Dancing. View breeding grounds for waterfowl and fur bearing animals. Visitors view swamp, fresh and salt water marshland. You will travel through marsh that has been designated an Audubon Birding Trail. They also offer tours to Grand Isle where visitors enjoy a day on the beach. Visit netmaking shop and hear how the nets are used and learn how they are constructed.

The Winter tours will offer exciting waterfowl viewings. There are eagles, egrets, ibis, rosay spoonbills, pelicans, etc. The tours are from two hours to multi day tours. The prices are from $15.00 up depending on the tour you choose. If you are interested they offer bed and breakfast in plantation homes or lodging in local hotels.

They are located less than an hour from New Orleans and are just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico. With the tour you will experience the real Louisiana, out in the “wild” with the opportunity to see just how the locals live and how they make their living.

Sandra Pellegrin started Cajun Tours and Cruises over 30 years ago running tours into the bayou communities south of Houma.  They provide tours that showcase the Creole, German, Acadian and African heritage so anything that you are interested in learning about is available in Houma, Louisiana.

Here are some of the tour choices you have: Swamp & Bayou Tour which lasts 2 hours and is just $15 per person.  This tour takes you into the deep swamps of Louisiana.
Cajun Cultural Tour III which is 6 hours at a cost of $78 per person.  This is the tour that will take you to the small Cajun fishing villages along bayou communities and visit with local Cajun’s at their homes.  You will see the seafood factories, the net markets, watch the crab’s shedding, visit the shrimp and oyster boats, get up close and personal (but not too close) with alligators, see the marsh and swamps on the boat tour and of course, learn about Cajun lifestyles.
Cajun Cultural Tour IV  is .5 to 8 hours long and costs $100 per person (children 12 and under are $50 and under 4 are free.  Here you will visit Cajun fishing villages, Bayou communities and visit with local Cajuns at their homes.  You will see the seafood factories, the net makers, folk-life gardens, the oyster operations, crab’s shedding, shrimp and oyster boats and of course the ever present alligators.  There are multi day tours available too, when you contact them you can ask about those.

The Swamp Boat Tour and Alligator Farm will last between 3.5 and 4 hours for a cost of $40 per person, children 12 and under are $20 and children under 4 are free.  Here you will take a fascinating boat tour into the deep swamps of Louisiana, travel on Louisiana bayous and canals, visit a working alligator farm, learn how alligators are harvested and how their eggs are gathered.  A local guide will give the tour.  Learn why there are alligator farms and ranches and what becomes of the hides of these animals.

If you choose to take Cajun Tours Special 1 you will visit the alligator farm, learn about how alligators are hatched and processed, visit Mr. Charlie Drilling Rig, you will learn how a drilling rig operates, hear the history of the oil and fishing industries, take a cruse into Louisiana swamps, meet Acadians, you will learn about sugarcane farming, all with the expertise of a local guide.  This tour is 6.5 to 7 hours in length and costs $85 for adults, $42.50 for children 12 and under and under 4 the kids are free.


709 May Street
Houma, LA 70363
Phone: 985-872-6157