Tabasco Factory – Avery Island, Louisiana

The Tabasco Factory at Avery Island is a Hot Place to Visit. Located in Iberia Parish, Louisiana and surrounded by gorgeous bayous, as well as exotic plants and animals is Avery Island. The island has a unique feel and is a wonderful place to visit. It has a number of different things for visitors to do, and one of the most popular is to take a tour of the factory that makes Tabasco, the most famous pepper sauce in the world.

When people tour the factory, they can see where the sauce is made and how it is shipped around the world to more than 160 different countries and territories. At the beginning of the tour, visitors are treated to a short film that showcases the history of the sauce and the island. Then they get to see the bottling plant and packaging area. This is a real treat for anyone who likes to spice up his or her food a bit.

Guests will get to learn just how complicated the procedure of creating the most beloved pepper sauce in the world can be. They will learn how the peppers are picked, mashed, placed in salt that is mined on the island, and aged in white oak barrels for up to three years before becoming the sauce that everyone knows and loves.

After touring the factory, guests may visit the Tabasco Country Store. At the store, visitors can find a number of different Tabasco related items, including hot sauces, condiments, gourmet foods, as well as some more traditionally styled souvenirs. The items in the store not only make great souvenirs to commemorate the trip, but they also make great gifts for people who have never been to the island.

The Tabasco Pepper Sauce Factory is open Monday through Sunday, 9AM – 4PM. The factory is closed on all major holidays, so you will need to plan you visit to the island accordingly. A fee of $1 is charged to every car that comes onto the island. This is a conservation fee that helps keep the island pristine.

Of course, there is more to do on the island after guests take their factory tour. The other thing to do on the island is to check out the flora and fauna at Jungle Gardens, which are open from 9AM – 5 PM daily. Admission for adults is $6.25 and $4.50 for children 12 and under.

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Hwy 329  
Avery Island, LA 70513
Phone: 800-634-9599